Should your business migrate its Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a bespoke software application?

Should your business migrate its Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a bespoke software application? Migrating your business data from Excel spreadsheets to a bespoke software application is something that many businesses go through. It’s often seen as the ‘big’ project, which will increase efficiency and save time and money in the long run. But before you…

Welcome to the Microsoft Excel section of our blog, a vast and resourceful information hub for both the novice spreadsheet user and the seasoned Excel veteran alike. Microsoft Excel, a powerhouse in the realm of spreadsheet software, is an incredibly agile and versatile tool encompassing an array of functionalities. From quick number crunching to complex data analysis, from simple list-making to advanced visualisation and charting techniques, Excel has replaced calculators, graph papers, desktop organizers and even some programming environments, shaping itself into a vital part of our personal and professional lives. Despite its popularity, however, there’s a lot more to Excel than meets the eye.

The digital economy swarming with data puts a key focus on data manipulation, data analysis, and visualisation skills where Excel truly excels, pun intended. As the backbone of many office environments, Excel’s noteworthy features such as PivotTables, Power Query, and Power Pivot cater to a vast array of sectors and industries. In this fast-paced technology-driven era, professionals with Excel proficiency are without a doubt at the cutting edge of their careers.

The advent of customized software solutions and applications has seen a surge in the heterogeneous market. The trend reflects a shift from traditional off-the-shelf software towards more tailored, bespoke solutions that can better cater to the unique operational needs of various organizations.

Excel, with its versatile toolbox, often forms the bedrock of these bespoke solutions, tying together intricate systems or acting as a robust tool for data collection and analysis. Interesting to note is that as per a study by Burning Glass Technologies, workers in sectors that demand complex data analysis and interpretation skills are paid 30% more, and Microsoft Excel factors largely into this matrix.

However, Microsoft Excel, despite its widespread usage, often goes underutilised due to a lack of comprehensive knowledge about its vast capabilities. It is this very gap we aim to fill with our extensive and insightful collection of articles found within our Microsoft Excel blog section.

We unravel the labyrinth of Excel commands, simplify complex operations, and guide you through customising Excel to best meet your needs. From interesting tidbits to comprehensive ‘how-tos’, our shared insights will make you look at Excel through a whole new lens and help you step up your game in data handling.

We cordially invite you to rummage through the rich trove of information encompassed in the Microsoft Excel section of our blog. Whether you are a casual Excel user, or someone aspiring to gain deep insights and master this powerful tool, our blog serves as a one-stop-shop for all your Excel learning needs. You can visit our Excel blog here: Microsoft Excel Blog Section.

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