Empowering Small Businesses with Custom Software Solutions in Leeds

Unlock the full potential of your small business in Leeds with our cutting-edge, custom software solutions at Leeds Software Development. In an increasingly competitive and digital landscape, small businesses need to step up their game with the right tailor-made software. Our experienced team of expert developers is dedicated to creating unique software solutions that cater to your specific business needs and objectives.

At Leeds Software Development, we understand that businesses in our local community have unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we are committed to providing scalable, user-friendly, and reliable custom software that not only streamlines your operations but also elevates your market presence. Experience improved efficiency, better customer engagement, and accelerated growth with our bespoke software services, all while maintaining stringent security and quality standards.

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Small businesses are often more in need of custom software development than larger companies as the needs of larger companies can be met by corporate software systems such as ERP (or so the vendors of such systems would have the larger company believe!) but the needs and quirks of the smaller business remain largely unaddressed. We are a small business ourselves and are based in the Leeds area too, so we understand a little about you already without knowing exactly what you do or how you do it. Our primary aim is to create custom software to help make your small business more efficient. The custom software we build is specifically for you, i.e. the software is customised to the exact needs of your business.

Being a small Leeds business ourselves we, like you, cannot always afford expensive software solutions to meet our needs. As such our business has developed automated solutions for business processes that are common to many small businesses, for instance:

  • Inventory control – stock tracking, re-ordering, exception reporting etc.
  • Employee / staff details – systems for efficiently storing, searching and reporting on employees.
  • CRM – customer relationship management – managing details of your customers as well as the interactions with those customers (and prospects).
  • Website content management – putting you in full control of your website by building an easy to use interface to allow you to be able to easily add new categories and pages to your website, change text and add images etc.
  • Order processing / invoicing – taking orders from customers online or (if B2B) linking into customer’s databases directly and also generating and emailing invoices automatically.
  • Resource planning – displaying diaries of offsite staff and booking extra jobs / calls to them etc as requests for appointments / visits are taken, or maybe a view of the utilisation of capital equipment (e.g. what jobs a key machine is working on) etc.
  • Connecting disparate data sources – perhaps you have an accounts database, a stock database, a CRM system etc and you want to join and pull key information from each of these systems to generate reports or help you make decisions.
  • Rekeying of data – if you have several different software systems in place then you may find youself or other members of staff are re-entering the same information multiple times in different systems, i.e. a delivery name and address may be entered into your sales system and then again into your accounts system etc… why!? Or maybe the data exists in a format already that can be imported rather than typed e.g. product information is sometimes freely available from suppliers in CSV, XLS or XML formats and this can be imported straight into your database.
  • Distance calculators and route optimisation – we can work with postcode and mapping data to build distance calculators, ‘where is my nearest’ functionality or route optimisers into your systems or website to simplify tasks that you perform regularly.

As we have built lots of different kinds of custom software systems for lots of different kinds of businesses I am sure we can provide a very cost-effective software solution to meet the exact requirements of your business quicker and easier than you would expect… try us and see!

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