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Software development for PDA and Mobile phones

We offer a wide range of custom software development services for mobile handheld PDA devices. Our expertise incorporates all the main platforms and operating systems meaning that whatever your needs our skilled technical team has the knowledge and tools to provide robust and cost-effective custom PDA software solutions.

We can develop applications for your mobile / PDA platform from concept to deployment by providing software design and development services for standalone PDA programs as well as enterprise-class mobile software solutions. Our solutions can seamlessly link to existing business systems and exchange data with desktop applications or web-based systems.

We develop powerful mobile software applications for PDAs, from concept to deployment including:

  • Mobile Application Software Development
  • Communication Protocol Design
  • Interfaces to Desktop Applications and Host Systems
  • Desktop Components
  • Interfaces to External Hardware

For instance, we wrote a comprehensive and ground-breaking construction management software system and a PDA application that downloaded site plans and room checks from the systems so that site workers could monitor building progress on the PDA and this could then be ulploaded to the server and reports generated... on the face of it this was quite simple, but the powerful technology and effective software meant that main contractors could hope to save 4% of the building contract value by using the software and in an indutry where margins are tight, a 4% cost saving represents a massive advantage over competitors!

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